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Handwritten dip pen calligraphy

Envelope addressing services costs vary depending on ink color, script style and number of envelopes.

Average processing time is 3-4weeks depending on the current workload I have and the quantity of envelopes you would need.  For a personalized quote please fill out the form below.

* Price per base outer envelope $3.75 with black ink / Price per Inner and outer envelope set starts at $5.75 with black ink

(Prices do not include envelope)

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Date Envelopes are required
Final delivery date will be discussed and confirmed with client before final proposal approval.
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* Note 20% extra envelopes are required to account for errors.
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Let me know your comments and questions here. It will also be helpful to know Envelope color / brand / size. etc. If you have a preferred calligraphy style please let me know here.